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Service List

  • Family planning
  • Travel vaccine service

  • Other services
  • Management of acute and chronic illnesses
  • Antenatal care (scheduled visits are free)

  • Childhood vaccines (free within schedule)

  • Blood testing including diabetes and cholesterol screening

  • Blood pressure testing

  • ECGs

  • 24 hour blood pressure monitor

  • Driving licence reports & Eyesight tests

  • Diving Medicals (for Leisure Divers. Commercial diving requires a specialist medical)

  • Ear syringing

  • Contraceptive and Fertility advice

  • Smoking Cessation advice

  • Influenza vaccines

  • Cryotherapy

  • STI screening

  • Suturing

Maternity Services

Under the “Maternity and Infant Care” Scheme, a pregnant woman can avail of the following services free of charge:

  • Up to 8 Maternity-related visits throughout the pregnancy.
  • 6 Antenatal
  • Two post natal visits
  • 2 week check-up for infant. (with Nurse)
  • 6 week check-up for mother and infant

Please note: Any medical appointments not relating to the pregnancy will not be covered under the scheme and will be charged for.

Medical Card Services

If you have a Medical card or Doctor Visit card you may attend the Doctor for your ACUTE MEDICAL needs.

However non-acute medical services are NOT COVERED by your medical card and a charge may apply.

Charges apply for the following services:

  • Driving Licence Forms
  • Phlebotomy Services (Routine blood tests) Warfain Monitoring

  • Chronic Disease management

  • Letters in support of applications for services under Social Welfare Acts (housing, clothing etc)

  • Letters in support of Local Council grants, GMS applications
  • Medical examinations for legal purposes

  • School attendance notes/certificates

  • Minor Surgery

  • Travel vaccinations

  • STI Screening

  • Passport/Identity reports

  • Gym Letters etc.

  • Creche reports

  • Insurance medicals/reports

  • Pre-employment Medicals

  • Sports medicals/reports

  • Utility reports/letters
  • Preventative services

  • Therapeutic Counselling

  • Paediatric bloods